Here's a quick guide to posting on our forums. All postings should be done in roleplaying format.

Actions should be carried out in red.

Example: I looked around, and saw several BattleMechs coming toward me.

First-person radio communications should be executed in Lime Green.

Example: Black Six, this is Sigma Three. I'm approaching the enemy encampment.

NPC radio communications should be executed in Green.

Example: Roger that, Sigma Three. Copy you are approaching the enemy encampment.

Speech from your character should be carried out in standard, white text. Thoughts should be carried out in standard, white, italicized text.

Example: "Yes sir, I'd be pleased to work with the Jade Falcon commander!" I exclaimed. In a pig's eye...

Speech from NPCs (non-player characters), or characters controlled by other posters whom you are quoting, should be portrayed in yellow.

Example: "This BattleMech's pretty banged up, sir. It'll take some time to repair."

Out-of-character messages should be posted in blue text.

Example: I'm going to be away from my computer for a couple days. Go ahead and continue the Op without me. I'll catch up when I get back.

Keep in mind that all postings should be done in first-person, storytelling format. Each member's post comes from their own perspective, and it is the collaborative effort of everyone involved in a roleplay or mission op that makes the story complete.

These basic guidelines should help you get started with your first roleplaying posts. Feel free to practice in the Cantina or the simulator if you want to get the feel for it before posting in a command area. Remember that the "modify" button is always available, if you post something and decide you want to change it later on.

When you're ready to get started, head on over to the Enlistment forum to begin your enlistment process!

Welcome to the group! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefields soon!