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> Mad Cat, Clan Omni
post Dec 21 2005, 12:23 PM
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Mad Cat (Primary)

Chassis: Unknown
Power Plant: Unknown 375 XL
Cruising Speed: 53.75
Maximum Speed: 86
Jump Jets: none
   Jump Capacity: none
Armor: Unknown with CASE
   2 ER Large Lasers
   2 ER Medium Lasers
   1 Medium Pulse Laser
   2 Machine Guns
   2 LRM 20s
Manufacturer: Unknown
   Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

       The Inner Sphere's first brush with an OmniMech was with a Mad
   Cat on The Rock, Oberon Confederation, 13 August 3049. It was from a
   broadcast by a member of the Kell Hounds mercenary unit that Our
   Blessed Order learned of these machines and their mysterious masters.
   ComStar named this design the Mad Cat because its hunched-over torso
   is common to both the Marauder and Catapult. The Mad Cat is an
   exceptional combination of an XL Class engine, Endo Steel internal
   structure, Ferro-Fibrous armor, and double heat sinks.

       The most common configuration of the Mad Cat carries impressive
   firepower, starting with double LRM-20 racks on the shoulders. The
   weapons pods on the arms each contain an extended-range large laser
   and extended-range medium laser. The Mad Cat also incorporates pulse
   technology, with a medium pulse laser in its left torso. Two machine
   guns round out its weapon array.
       27.5 tons of pod space

       The Mad Cat is the favorite 'Mech of the Wolf Clan. It can claim
   a large share of the credit for the Wolves' great successes and there
   is no apparent explanation why it appears in only moderate numbers
   with the other Clans.

Known Variants:
       Alternate Configuration A carries a short-range missile launcher
   on its right shoulder instead of LRM's, and a box-mount package of
   three medium pulse lasers in the left shoulder. It also features a
   particle projection cannon in each arm, with a small laser in the
   center torso.
       Somewhat less common is a version that mounts a Gauss Rifle in
   its right arm. Its left arm carries a large pulse laser and a small
   pulse laser. The version B Mad Cat makes use of the Artemis IV
   fire-control system for the LRM-10 rack on its left shoulder and the
   SRM-4 on its right shoulder.
       The Mad Cat C also concentrates more firepower in its arm weapons
   pods. Its right arm carries the Ultra-5 autocannon, while the left
   has two extended-range large lasers. These leave enough pod weight
   for an LRM-15 launcher on each shoulder and an anti-missile system in
   the left torso.
       Though rarely seen, Configuration D of the Mad Cat carries an
   especially unusual array of weapons. Apparently designed to fight in
   the enemy's midst, this version has double Streak SRM-6 launchers
   mounted on each shoulder, one pointing forward, and the other to the
   rear. Each arm packs the devastating firepower of an extended-range
   particle projection cannon, and the center torso holds an
   extended-range small laser.

Mad Cat

Technology Base: - Clan - Level 2 (Omni-Mech)
Equipment                                                Mass
Internal Structure: - EndoSteel                            4
Engine:                375 XL                           19.5
    Walking MP:         5
    Running MP:         8
    Jumping MP:         0
Heat Sinks:            17(34) - Double                     7
Gyro:                                                      4
Cockpit:                                                   3
Armor Factor:          230 - Ferro-Fibrous                12

                     Internal          Armor
                    Structure          Value
Head                    3                9
Center Torso           23               36
Center Torso(rear)                       9
R/L Torso              16               25
R/L Torso(rear)                          7
R/L Arm                12               24
R/L Leg                16               32

Weapons and Ammo                     Location   Critical  Tonnage
[Pod] ER Large Laser                    LA          1        4
[Pod] ER Medium Laser                   LA          1        1
[Pod] LRM 20                            LT          4        5
[Pod] LRM 20 Ammo                       LT          1        1
[Pod] Medium Pulse Laser                LT          1        2
[Pod] LRM 20                            RT          4        5
[Pod] LRM 20 Ammo                       RT          1        1
[Pod] Machine Gun                       RT          1     0.25
[Pod] Machine Gun Ammo                  RT          1        1
[Pod] ER Large Laser                    RA          1        4
[Pod] ER Medium Laser                   RA          1        1
[Pod] Machine Gun                       CT          1     0.25
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