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ComStar MercNet _ Legionnaire BatteMech TROs _ BL7-KNT Black Knight

Posted by: InfoBot Dec 22 2005, 04:51 PM

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BL7-KNT Black Knight

Tonnage: 75
Estimated Value: 15,923,250 C-Bills
Chassis: Technicron 1L
Power Plant: Vlar 300 XL
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 64.5
Jump Jets: none
   Jump Capacity: none
Armor: Numall DuraBond Standard
   1 Maxell DT ER Medium Laser
   2 McCorkel ER Large Lasers
   2 Magna Hellstar II ER PPCs
Manufacturer: Kong Interstellar Corporation
   Primary Factory: Solaris VII
Communications System: TransComm Alpha
Targeting and Tracking System: Beagle Active Probe with Beagle Active Probe

       The Star League Army introduced the Black Knight into service in
   2578. The Black Knight's heavy armor and offensive power make it the
   ideal command 'Mech for front-line units. At the same time, the
   arsenal of weapons allows the 'Mech to operate effectively on its
         The communication system employs the latest technology
   to link the Black Knight with orbital satellites. The new Beagle
   Active Probe furthers the performance by picking up a much wider
   range of information and relaying it instantly to the pilot. The
   Beagle Probe can pierce standard ECM devices at short range and
   provide instant cataloguing of all military machines.

       The Black Knight supports 13 tons of armor on an Endo Steel II
   frame. This structure provides all the support of a standard skeleton
   twice its weight. The resulting lighter frame allows the 'Mech to
   mount a heavier weapon mix and ample armor.
         If the 'Mech
   has a problem, it is with heat build up. Even with 20 heat sinks, the
   'Mech can still overheat quickly if the pilot is not careful with his
   weapon-fire selection.
         The 'Mech's main weapon is the Magna
   Hellstar II Particle Projection Cannon, which provides quick and
   deadly firepower.
         Twin McCorkel Large Lasers provide
   additional might. A head-mounted Magna small laser rounds out the
   weaponry and offers the advantage of being tied directly to the
   Beagle Active Probe. This   tie-in allows the Beagle's scanner to
   ride a low-power laser pulse through any interfering objects. Due to
   the limited range of the laser, this is done only for analyzing the
   detail of nearby objects.

BL7-KNT Black Knight

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 2
Equipment                                                Mass
Internal Structure: - EndoSteel                            4
Engine:                300 XL                            9.5
    Walking MP:         4
    Running MP:         6
    Jumping MP:         0
Heat Sinks:            26                                 16
Gyro:                                                      3
Cockpit:                                                   3
Armor Factor:          208                                13

                     Internal          Armor
                    Structure          Value
Head                    3                9
Center Torso           23               29
Center Torso(rear)                      10
R/L Torso              16               24
R/L Torso(rear)                          8
R/L Arm                12               24
R/L Leg                16               24

Weapons and Ammo                     Location   Critical  Tonnage
ER Large Laser                          LA          2        5
ER PPC                                  LT          3        7
ER PPC                                  RT          3        7
ER Large Laser                          RA          2        5
Beagle Active Probe                     CT          2      1.5
ER Medium Laser                          H          1        1

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