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> REBOOT: Operation I: Broken Arrow, Theatre of Operations: Saffel, Draconis Combine
Wedge Lourde
post Nov 24 2009, 06:40 PM
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Aboard the Thoring
Sick Bay

I woke up with a huge headache. I rolled over and puked violently into a barf bowl. Then I sat up. I was laying in sick bay. There were doctors going everywhere, nurses and doctors. I looked over and Dash Rendar was there too, eating a burrito.

"Do you want some Wedge Lourde?" he asked me.

"Sure I'm famished." Fighting in the war had really taken it out of me. Dash brought me a burrito and I bit into it. Anchovies and beans fell out of the end of it as I gagged on the bad taste. The next thing I knew I was taking a 5-minute puke and I passed out.

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Sergeant Major Robert MacArthur
post Nov 24 2009, 06:58 PM
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With a heavy 'whump,' my Cougar X, affectionately nicknamed 'Beowulf,' hit the dirt of Saffel, coming to rest between Corporal Schuster's Kit Fox and Alex Thorn's massive Marauder. I was fond of Clan technology, and it warmed my heart to know that three out of the four 'Mechs in what now constituted a lance were going to be fielding the finest battlefield technology that existed.

"This is Hunter. Ready op."

I couldn't believe it when the division head of the mercenary unit I came from approached me with a contract from the Legionnaires. That a mercenary unit needed to hire a mercenary to help carry out one of their operations was practically unheard-of. I'd assumed that they must have been desparate, and, with some reservation, accepted the contract. I wasn't prepared for just how desparate their situation really turned out to be.

But now I was here, and I needed to make the best of it.

Pushing my Clan sensor suite to maximum power, I immediately took note of the fact that there were three hostiles showing as active less than a kilometer out from us. Preliminary readings showed a Flea, an Owens, and, most disturbingly, and astoundingly, what appeared to be an ancient, though still formidible, Mackie.

"What the fuck?" I blurted out.

"Say again, Hunter?" It was Alex Thorn. Apparently I'd forgotten to toggle off my comm unit.

"Wolf, are you reading what I'm reading? These guys are fielding a museum piece out there!"

A pause followed my question.

"Confirmed, Hunter. That beast has got to be a century old!" This time the voice came from Lance Callahan, who was riding shotgun with Thorn manning the Marauder's sensors and weapons.

I nodded, though no one was around to see it.

"As much as I hate to destroy a piece of history, we've gotta knock that thing on it's ass, along with its two buddies. There's gotta be something over there that they're interested in. You don't just leave an assault BattleMech standing around in the woods for no good reason. Wolf, take it out! Mantis, I want you to crush the Flea. I'll handle the Owens!"

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Dash Rendar
post Nov 24 2009, 08:24 PM
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I cracked open a beer and chugged it. The combat had been long and intense, but me and Wedge had survived it. We were heroes. I drank the beer down to the bottom, crushed it, and threw it at a wall. Wedge had gone back to sleep, so I wandered over and talked with one of the hot nurses.

"Yo baby, how you doin'? I'm Dash Rendar, and I'm a tanker."

The nurse giggled and walked up to me.

"Hay baby, how about you meet me in the cargo bay after work? I know a place where we can get to know each other better."

I was about to tell her yes when I felt violently sick to my stomach. I puked all over her, had diarrhea at the same time, and then I blacked out.
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Lieutenant Commander Marcus Braddock
post Nov 24 2009, 11:05 PM
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The crippled Cyclops was still trying to come about on Captain Wolfs' circling Battlemaster, even as it wobbled on its' destabilised gyro and vital coolant gushed out of deep rents in the bulky torso.
The pilot had determination - I'll give him that much.
Of course, determination wasn't going to stop my second volley of LRM's from splitting him open like a can of soup. At maximum range, they had plenty of time to straighten out their flight-paths, arrowing down into the valley like a murder of diving crows. He didn't have the time nor means to avoid them. He was going down.
The flight of missiles slammed bodily into the large target, detonating in a stacatto of crumps that shook the earth and reverberated clear throughout the valley like a bell.
Several missed, as was to be expected, but the vast majority threw tremendous rippling explosions up and down the immobile 'Mechs right arm and weakened back. Already damaged plates were ripped free entirely and the joins and myomers they protected were shattered.
With his already exposed gyro and and ammunition housing, secondary explosions were almost inevitable. Its' pilot seemed to realise this, however, and I saw ammunition housings for both his Autocannons being jettisoned clear of the 'Mech by det-bolts. In the same instant a missile shrieked inside the gaping wounds of its' lower-back and detonated, probably sundering the gyro into useless scrap.
As if to support my theory, the Cyclops' one good leg went into emergency lockdown as the torso above fell limp and slowly sagged forwards, the cockpit nearly facing the ground. The left arm weakly tried to lift and fire, but with next to no outer-structural integrity in the torso to support it, the gesture was futile.

I quickly took stock of the situation. Above me, the last of my complement of LRM's were cycling up into the launch housings, ready to fire. Already my heat-levels were beginning to sink again, although slowed by the steadily rising sun. Below me, in the valley, we had one Cyclops pretty much down for the count, and Captain Wolf skirmishing with the badly damaged Uziel, which understandably didn't want to commit to a face-to-face with Wolfs' heavier tonnage and, honestly (from what I'd seen), greater skill.
Lastly, but certainly not fleetingly, I examined my sensor display. From this commanding view over the valley, my sensors' range extended further than the others below me.
The value of this was none more evident that when I clocked a fresh contact moving up the far side of the valley, out of range of my LRM's, towards the Captain and his fight.
"Gunman, I have a new contact coming up from your East-North-East, trying to get a visual now - Please advise!"
I swivelled my torso to face where the display approximated its' location and pulled image intensifiers down over my neurohelmets' visor. The distant cluster of hillocks leapt forward to meet me, and I panned my vision back and forth, trying to spot this new blip.

Position: Lieutenant Commander | Legionnaires
Current Battlemech: Catapult - "Jackal."
Loadout: - 2x Holly LRM 15 launchers (shoulder mounted).
- 4x Martell Medium Lasers (torso mounted).
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Captain Adam Wolf
post Nov 25 2009, 01:42 AM
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The Cyclops was out of the fight, that was good, it meant I didnt have to worry about any seriously heavy weapons for the time being and it allowed me to focus on the haressing Uziel that kept popping in and out of the hills ever since I gave it a scare with the LB-10X cluster round. The pilot was fairly smart, trying to keep me around the 350m range where I couldn't unleash my full arsenal on him and staying to the larger hills that prevented my from getting a solid bead on him most of the time. Thats about where his skill/intelligence seemed to run out though, he seemed to have failed to realize that even at that range I still outgunned him nearly with my 5 to his 2 and every one of mine were heavier hitting as well. He tried to pop up from behind the hills using the jump jets, a decent tactic if done right, but he flew too high and hovered in the air too long every time.

His targetting needed work as well, while the AC/2 regularly resounded hits varying widely in location across my armour he rarely managed to make his ER Medium laser count, and that was his heavy hitter at this range. After a few jumps and another shotgun-like blast from the LB-10X AC I lined up a beautiful strike with the 3 ER Medium lasers at my disposal. Two of the beams struck home on the left leg while the final beam gouged furrow into the hill behind. The molten armour ran in rivelets across the exposed mynomer tendons and the actuator itself was now clearly visible through the remaining traces of what was once a full tonne.

Bringing my 'mech closer I rounded the crest of the hill the Uziel pilot had last used for cover and was in position to drop a full alpha strike directly down on him. As it was the pilot had seemed to be expecting this as he managed to pull off an alpha strike just before I let loose with my own. The AC/2 again creating that light ringing impact as it struct somewhere along the left torso and the ER lasers carved decently into the armour there as well. The real culprit was the SRM-6, at suddenly point blank range all 6 of the dangerous missiles struck home with force, twisting against my 'mechs gyro as my combined weapons recoil forced my targetting reticules up and to the right from their intended target.

The end result was that my AC/5's AP round pierced straight through the already defunct Large Pulse Laser mounted in the left arm, doing little more than destroy what may have been left to salvage of the weapon. Meanwhile the ER Medium lasers cored the centre and left torso straight through to the internal structure, setting off an secondary explosion as the jump jet detonated in the rear of the 'mech. The ATM-3 missiles struck the centre and left torsos as well, ripping through exposed internal structure and completely disabling the SRM-6 launcher in the Uziel's centre torso. The final blow was delivered from the cluster round LB-10X autocannon as the short range tight spread of the cluster muntion ripped through the head and right torso of the 'mech, several rounds puncturing through the cockpit, the gyro, and the engine shielding. Apparently the pilot lucked out however as immedaitely afterwards the ejection pod blasted skyward as smoke billowed from the smoking carcass of the 50 tonne 'mech.

"Gunman, I have a new contact coming up from your East-North-East, trying to get a visual now - Please advise!" Talus' voice cut across the battle-comm as I slammed 'mech into reverse, dangerous blue beams of coherent light had begun to escape reactor's cracked shielding and I didnt want to be anywhere near it if it went critical.

"Copy that Talus, new contact bearing East-North-East." Swinging my own torso in that direction I check to see if I can spot anything, not being able to I turn and start heading back towards the cliff where the Leftenant's Catapult was currently residing, "I can't get a visual and my scope is still clear to 900m, IFF is hostile?"

"Negative, hasn't got a fix yet, but it appears to be moving to engage."

"Damn, alright. Hold tight for now I'm moving back towards you, as soon as you get an IFF let me know, hopefully if he is hostile we can draw him into both our fields of fire."

A quick glance showed the radar and EM sensor still as clear except for our own two 'mechs, but I knew Talus' radar had better range than mine, plus he had the advtange of higher elevation. Looking over the left display I brought up a detailed damage report for my 'mech's status.

Head - 7/9 - 78%
Centre Torso - 20/30 - 67%
Left Torso - 13/20 - 65%
Left Rear Torso - 10/10 - 100%
Right Torso - 9/20 - 45%
Right Rear Torso - 8/10 - 80%
Left Arm - 18/25 - 72%
Right Arm - 20/25 - 80%
Left Leg - 12/26 - 46%
Right Leg - 22/26 - 85%

Overall - 139/216 - 65%
Effective Armour - 278 points of armour

I had definately taken a beating, but the Hardened armour proved its worth and while percentage wise it looked like I'd need a field repair pretty soon, the actual combat effectiveness of my armour was still very high.

Position: Captain | Legionnaires
Callsign : Gunman
Current BattleMech : BattleMaster BLR-WL1 (Moradin) [85 tonnes Heavy]
Loadout : LB-10X AC, AC/5, ATM-3, 3x ER Medium Laser, 3x ER Small Laser (rear), Hardened Armour
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Commodore Benjamin Maxwell
post Nov 25 2009, 04:09 PM
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Position: Senior Captain | Legionnaires
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