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> Archdale Ren, General, Order of the New Republic
post Dec 17 2005, 01:18 AM
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Name: General Archdale Ren
Date of Birth: unknown, predicted to be aged between 30 - 40
Place of Birth: unknown
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: White
Hair: Black

Biography: (Depicted from notes found at an unknown WoB base) Archdale Ren was orphaned at birth, and at the age of 9 was picked up by a member of the then-fledgling Word of Blake. The Blakist troop had witnessed the young Archdale murdering a elderly homeless man to gain possession of a single scrap of bread. Like many of the people that were captured by the Word of Blake, Ren was sent to a “re-education” facility, where he was given food, shelter and “education”. Ren soon became fixated in the education and began experimenting in the field of torture and interrogation. Both of these fields he enjoyed to an unbelievable extent and he was soon accepted into the higher classes of training, where her learnt extensive martial arts which he incorporated with his “blood lust”. At the age of 19, Ren was unexpected flung into battle against Lyran forces. Ren returned alive, however he was blinded by a new experimental flash grenade the WoB intended to use in battle. The grenade backfired and caused an irregular reaction, the magnesium strip had mixed with the various catalysts. The result: an extremely bright light, brighter than any star, blinded the young trooper. Ren was fortunate enough to fall into the hands of Dr Terris Faulkner, an extraordinary scientist in the felid of robotic reconstruction. Faulkner created robotic optics to replaces Ren’s eyes. When asked what colour he wanted them to be, Ren replied:

“White… so my enemies know they are facing an opponent who is GODLY!”

Within a few days, Ren regained his eye sight and now had new options to choose.

He could either fight in the resistance… or more interestingly, he had the option of joining the WoB council, a rare opportunity indeed. Ren chose the second option.

Ren worked closely with the higher commanders and with Dr Faulkner to help change the Word into what it is today. However, Ren had other plans. Though Faulkner was a genius in robotics, he was also a expert in the field of ancient history and cultures. They both studied hard and eventually found something that interested them. Many hundreds of years ago a weapon of fantastic destructive power was hidden away in an ancient tomb. It was said the weapon brought destruction and death to entire planets. Ren presented his findings to council, which were dismissed as “ridicules”. Infuriated, he continued his research and discovered the secrets were kept on an obscure planet called “Hidi-yous”. Years went by as the Dr and Madman planned their attack on the planet, coming to colonise it. The planet was taken over effortlessly and found what he was looking for. The Jade Map Stone, said to contain the coordinates of the “treasure”, held by the Kintaru Clan. Ren was promoted to General for capturing a planet for Blake use, which conveniently held rich minerals within the earth, needed by for the cause. However, when the evidence of the “treasure” was produced in the form of the Jade Map Stone to the council, things did not go accordingly. The council members realised the true intentions of Ren, that he didn’t care for the cause of the WoB. His punishment was to be sent to the Tau Ceti IV for intelligence gathering on the MRBC. This did not present a problem to the General, as it meant he could continue his OWN research on the treasure. Many years went by and Ren reported his findings to the council… and did his own research on the side. He even managed to receive a grant from the MRBC, which he pushed into his research. Unfortunately for him, the Jade Map Stone was stolen by an apparent member of the Kintaru clan. Even worse, he was no closer to understanding the stone or the various results his team had produced from extensive testing. Before any search could begin Ren received a call from the council ordering him to plunder the MRBC funds and extract his team from the planet. Hours later, Tau Ceti IV was destroyed by nuclear attack, courteous of the WoB.

Returning home to the WoB main headquarters, Ren was once again disgraced by the council who accused him of failing to collect ENOUGH data on the MRBC and their actions, and was terminated from his intelligence-gathering assignment. No punishment was set, however Ren decided it was the council that needed punishment. Gathering his trusted forces, General Ren secretly split off from the Word of Blake, creating a new faction - the “Order of the New Republic”. Their first task: Find the Jade Map Stone. Second task: Overthrow the WoB.
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