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> Adam 'Gunman' Wolf, MechWarrior
Captain Adam Wolf
post Nov 10 2009, 11:36 PM
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Full Name : Adam "Gunman" Wolf
Birthdate : June 22, 3040
Birthplace : Outreach
History :
Adam's history is somewhat vague, until about 7 years ago. He was not actually born on Outreach, but aboard a DropShip disguised as a Civilian transport travelling to Outreach with supplies to refit the Wolf Dragoon's. Unfortunately they were attacked by pirates before reaching Outreach and took heavy damage. Only a few members of the crew survived and managed to fight off the pirates. Among the survivor's was Adam and his parents. They settled down on Outreach and began living a happy life working in the Mech Construction Facilities located there.

His parents, realizing that Adam's potential with BattleMechs far outgrew their own, were able to enroll him with the Wolf's Dragoons. He was sent to their Hiring Hall in Harlech at the age of 16 to be officially entered into their ranks. By the age of 18 he had finished extensive training on his homeworld of Outreach and began to gain valuable field experience in many combat situations. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a Lt Cmd. by the age of 24.

He then joined a Mercenary Company called the Legionnaires who were sponsored by Wolf's Dragoons. The Mercenary Company was quickly growing and expanding under the command of his Uncle John "Eagle" Wolf, younger cousin of Jaime Wolf. At its peak under John's command the Legionnaires consisted of 2 full lances (8 units), as well as 6 Battle Armour squads (24 units). Unfortunately the Mercenary Company had a fatal run in with Clan Jade Falcon, the unit was nearly decimated, John "Eagle" Wolf was KIA, while his command lance was shattered and Bravo Lance was crippled. The unit was forced to withdraw where command was passed down to Adam "Gunman" Wolf, who was thereby promoted to Captain. Shortly thereafter a man by the name of Benjamin Edward Maxwell joined the Mercenary unit after leaving ComStar for reasons unknown. Within a short time the unit came under the joint command of both Adam and Maxwell, as they were long time associates although previous ties are unclear.

Since then the Legionnaires had a peroid of booming prosperity in which many of their assests were able to be replaced and/or upgraded. But as of late the unit has been plagued with financial issues, due in part to a set of failed OPs that degraded their proficiency rating with the MRBC greatly and thus have very few contracts available at the time being.

Equipment :
1 - XXL coolant vest (fits over combat armor)
1 - emergency coolant vest (backup/spare)
10 - 64 effective round clips (2x 32 round clips attached together)
12 - 50mm grenades for grenade launcher (4 smoke, 4 High Explosive Fragmentation, 4 Incendary)
1 - LMAR-14M combat rifle
  • - Light Modular Assault Rifle 14 Magnum (LMAR-14M) is a high quality assault rifle with a modular design. There are 3 versions of the 14M which include Standard, Tactical, and Heavy Weapons mod. All versions use a 32 round clip, customized by Wolf by attaching two clips back to back (one facing up, one facing down) to allow quick reload for an effective 64 round clip.
    Standard mod uses iron sights, adjustable stock, and a standard barrel.
    Tactical mod uses 4x scope, adjustable stock, and standard barrel with collapsible bipod.
    Heavy Weapons mod uses reflex sight (red dot), fixed stock, over/under style barrel with 50mm grenade launcher.
    • 3 types of ammuntion available
      - Saboted Light Armor Piercing (SLAP) rounds can penetrate heavier armor. Smaller depleted uranium slug has greater velocity and energy than standard sized AP round. Effective against vehicle armor, including battle armor.
      - High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP) rounds can penetrate armor using ablative effect. AP round penetrates through some armor then high explosive charge goes off breaking away more armor. Effective against light vehicles or light Battle Armor.
      - Hollow Point Armor Piercing (HPAP) rounds are anti-infantry rounds. Hollow point tip reacts as per normal on soft target, with added penetration from AP slug. Hollow point tip flattens on impact with hard target but armor piercing slug punches through causing larger hole in armor and greater tissue damage. Effective against infantry, both armored and unarmored (battle armor excluded).
    (For TRO purposes, 50 SLAP rounds or 60 HEAP rounds do 1 'mech/BA scale damage, 1 HEF grenade does 1 'mech/BA scale damage)
Attached Image
Captain Wolf in Tac OPs room circa 3067

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Position: Captain | Legionnaires
Callsign : Gunman
Current BattleMech : BattleMaster BLR-WL1 (Moradin) [85 tonnes Heavy]
Loadout : LB-10X AC, AC/5, ATM-3, 3x ER Medium Laser, 3x ER Small Laser (rear), Hardened Armour
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