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> Anhur VSTOL Transport, Submitted by Morgan Blake
post Dec 21 2005, 12:21 PM
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[pre] BattleTech Vehicle Technical Readout

Type/Model: Anhur Transport
Tech: Clan / 3050
Config: V.T.O.L.
Rules: Level 2, Standard design

Mass: 30 tons
Power Plant: 100 Fusion
Cruise Speed: 86.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 129.6 km/h
Armor Type: Airframe Pattern 2841 Ferro-Fibrous
1 Series 2f ER Medium Laser
2 Kolibri Delta Series Medium Pulse Lasers
Manufacturer: Various
Location: (Unknown)
Communications System: Khan-series (Type 2)
Targeting & Tracking System: Mrk 11 IHADS

The Clans engage in short, goal-oriented military engagements whenever
possible, but the need to maintain a flow of materiel and equipment to the
battlefield has long been a concern, exacerbated during the Inner Sphere
invasion. While DropShips serve to carry necessary equipment and supplies
between worlds, their use is too expensive for on-world transport. As a
practical alternative, the Clans use transport vehicles like the Anhur. One of
the few designs to pre-date ilKhan Winson's vehicle design review, the Anhur
is based on the classic Star League Cobra chassis.

Like the NETC/ComStar Karnov UR design, also based on the Cobra, the
Anhur uses a tilt-rotor design, giving it V/STOL capabilities. Capable of
taking off or landing without the benefit of a prepared runway, the vehicle is
suitable for delivering supplies directly to units in the field. This role all
but guarantees encounters with enemy troops, and so the Anhur carries a
formidable array of weapons.
Nose-mounted extended-range and pulse lasers provide both range and
volume of fire, allowing the Anhur to discourage threats on the ground and in
the air. A pulse laser mounted to the rear of the airframe discourages pursuit
and can provide covering fire when loading or unloading cargo.
The cavernous cargo bay is rated for loads of up to seven tons and can
carry anything from light vehicles or cargo to conventional infantry platoons.
Three tons of advanced armor composites provide the crew and cargo with
considerable protection against enemy fire, but the Anhur relies primarily on
speed and terrain masking to avoid being seen or engaged. The vehicle's crew,
consisting of a pilot, copilot and loadmaster, specializes in ground-hugging
flights. Accustomed to the violent pitching and rolling that accompanies such
flights, they often appear to take a perverse pleasure in the discomfort this
causes passengers.

All Clans use the Anhur for logistical operations, but relatively few use
them for combat operations. Only Clans Blood Spirit. Hell's Horses, and Star
Adder permanently assign the vehicle to combat units as an infantry transport.
Clans Fire Mandrill, Goliath Scorpion, Ice Hellion and Snow Raven use the
design for combat duties on an ad-hoc basis.

Type/Model: Anhur Transport
Mass: 30 tons

Equipment: Items Mass
Int. Struct.: 15 pts Standard 0 3.00
Engine: 100 Fusion 0 3.00
Shielding & Transmission Equipment: 0 1.50
Cruise MP: 8
Flank MP: 12
Heat Sinks: 13 Single 0 3.00
Cockpit & Controls: 0 1.50
Crew: 2 Members 0 .00
Rotor Equipment: Main/Tail Rotors 0 3.00
Armor Factor: 58 pts Ferro-Fibrous 1 3.00

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Front: 3 15
Left / Right Sides: 3 14/14
Rear: 3 13
Rotor: 3 2

Weapons and Equipment Loc Heat Ammo Items Mass
1 ER Medium Laser Front 5 1 1.00
1 Medium Pulse Laser Front 4 1 2.00
1 Medium Pulse Laser Rear 4 1 2.00
1 C.A.S.E. Equipment Body 0 .00
Cargo Bay Capacity Body 1 7.00
TOTALS: 13 5 30.00
Items & Tons Left: 6 .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 1,362,000 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,025
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